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Tebbetts Breast Retractor


Tebbetts breast retractor are designed to enhance perception and allow surgeons to experience minimized fatigue and optimal illumination.

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Tebbetts Fiber Optic Retractor  With Teeth Fiber optic illumination with suction for spoke evacuation Angled Retractor tip with blunt teeth Polished mirror finish on blade to reflect light inside the pocket. All Tebbetts Breast Retractors have Serrated Teeth as pictured and come with light and Suction.

Tebbetts Breast Retractors with Fiber Optic Light is a useful tool in variety breast reconstructive surgeries. Fiber optic retractors are designed to enhance perception and allow surgeons to experience minimized fatigue and optimal illumination.

The universal adaptor on these instruments is compatible with standard light sources.

The curved, tapered blade allows for safe retraction of skin and soft tissue and ergonomic handle is designed to reduce physician or assistant fatigue.

All Tebbetts Breast Retractor have a smooth end as pictured and come with Light and Suction.

Most popular sizes for Breast Augmentation are 12cm and 15cm.

This product is available in these sizes So please Select desire size

190*25mm | 90*25mm | 90*30mm | 150*36mm | 190*36mm | 110*25mm | 150*25mm | 180*16mm

Instrument Type          : Fiber Optic Retractor

Material                           : Stainless Steel

Reusable                          : Yes

Sterile                              : Non-Sterile

Rusting Prevention

Procedure                      : Passivated

Ultrasonic Cleaned    : Yes

Polished                          : Yes

Watersand Finish      : No but possible

Dull-Polished               : Yes (German Dull)

TC                                      : No

Gold Platted                 : Yes

Usage                              : Right Hand / Left Hand

Tests Performed        : Boil Test, Performance Test,

Packing                          : Individually Packed

QC Passed                     : Yes

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