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Stille Horsley bone cutter


Stille Horsley bone cutter is an orthopedic instrument and  available in standard 25.5cm Size

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Stille Horsley Bone cutter is a double-action instrument that provides greater pressure on the bones without as much effort by the Surgeon. The jaws of this instrument have sharp blades that square when closed.

Stille Horsley Bone cutter specifically most useful in orthopedic surgeries that require cutting or clipping of smaller, lower density bones.  The Bone Cutter handle curves slightly at the joints, and then again more strongly and in the opposite direction at the jaws.

This product is re-usable and are designed to perform specific functions such as cutting,clamping, dissecting, and other similar procedures.

This product is available in Standard 25.5cm size.

Instrument Type          : Bone cutter

Material                           : Stainless Steel

Reusable                          : Yes

Sterile                              : Non-Sterile

Rusting Prevention

Procedure                      : Passivated

Ultrasonic Cleaned    : Yes

Polished                          : No (but possible)

Watersand Finish      : No but possible

Dull-Polished               : Yes (German Dull)

TC                                      : No

Gold Platted                 : No but possible on demand

Usage                              : Right Hand / Left Hand

Tests Performed        : Boil Test, Performance Test,

Packing                          : Individually Packed

QC Passed                     : Yes

This orthopedic instrument can also available in titanium Plating and black powder coating on customer demand.

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