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Allis Forceps


Allis forceps used in general surgery for holding heavy tissues. Allis clamps, Available in two sizes with 4×5 teeths and 5×6 teeths

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Allis forceps used in general surgery for holding heavy tissues. They are commonly used with tonsil, vaginal, breast, and thyroid tissue.

Teeth curve to the inside and are designed to help decrease general pressure applied to the area. Allis forceps give surgeons the freedom to access internal organs and structures with minimal damage to the overlying tissues.

This product is straight with 5 x 6 teeth

Instrument Type          : Haemostatic Forceps

Material                           : Stainless Steel

Reusable                          : Yes

Sterile                              : Non-Sterile

Handle                             : Finger Rings

Rusting Prevention

Procedure                      : Passivated

Ultrasonic Cleaned    : Yes

Polished                          : No (but possible)

Sand-Blasted                : Yes

Watersand Finish      : No but possible

Dull-Polished               : Yes (German Dull)

TC                                      : No

Gold Platted                 : No but Half Possible

Usage                              : Right Hand

Tests Performed       : Boil Test, Performance Test, Shape Test

Packing                         : Individually Packed

QC Passed                    : Yes

This product can also available in titanium coating on customer demand

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